How to target YOUR ideal client.

As a business or influencer, it’s absolutely essential that you ensure you’re putting business objectives at the heart of any social media content you’re posting.

When you launched your business/service (and blogs are content services in essence) it was in response to a need in the market – you are servicing people who had a problem that you’re providing a solution for. These are your ideal clients – your bread & butter.

As a new venture or an established one that has changed, knowing exactly how to identify your ideal client can seem like a challenging task. The following will provide the clarity and direction you need to get started. This process doesn’t have to be overwhelming – in order to successfully identify your ideal client, it all comes down to asking the right questions.

Take for example restaurants – they’re a place for people to celebrate, not have to do dishes, create something you can’t at home (or you can create it better, which gives a lovely opportunity for a moan ;)) This is a perfect example of know exactly who your ideal client is so you can solve their problems…

Something really important to consider is being confident in your product/service – Look. We’re not coaches, we’re not going to change your outlook on life, but right here and right now we’re giving you permission to share the confidence you have in your business. So many people are afraid to do this, but it’s an essential part of business.

You don’t have to be braggy ‘OMG this is the best product in the whole entire world’ (unless of course it’s proven – but culturally here in the UK that overzealous quite frown upon – in New Zealand we call this ‘tall poppy syndrome.’ That said, really don’t be afraid to celebrate wins, milestones, fantastic feedback. Don’t tell, SHOW how your product is fantastic. Influencers, honestly share what you loved about a place/location/item.

This is how you sell without being sleazy.

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