Why Social Media is important during uncertain times

Whilst you may be cutting other costs and some of you may have resorted to managing your Social Media channels yourselves, we highly recommend dedicating some time to your social media strategy in order to take advantage of the fact that due to Covid, more people are online and your social media channels are effectively free marketing tools right now.

Did you know that internet usage is up by 70%?

With running a business we know that time and resources are the most limiting. So we recommend rather than trying to be active and engaging on every Social Media channel, you pick those that are best suited for your type of business and focus on those.

In this ever-changing age of social media, we’re getting bored more easily, and want to digest information as quickly as possible

Before we get to the exciting bit about making awesome social media content, first, we need to talk about the purpose of it.

Everyone likes a well-crafted post, but what is the objective behind it? 

When beginning the daunting task of writing an Instagram content marketing strategy, think about what your ideal outcomes would be from the photos, videos, Stories and reels you’re planning to post and who your ideal follower is.

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