Did you know that some Hashtags are banned?

Hashtags are an absolute must if you want to increase the reach of your posts. We always advocate using all 30 on Instagram as it is free real estate and it’s 30 different routes for someone to discover your content.

These are known as banned hashtags and get the status when overused by spammy Instagram accounts. If you happen to use one of these, Instagram® will potentially flag your post as spam too.

But, did you know that if you accidentally use the wrong hashtags you can actually damage your engagement?

Instagram bans these hashtags because of reports from users. Typically it happens because people are posting inappropriate content and using certain hashtags. Some of the hashtags that are banned, though, are ones you wouldn’t necessarily expect, like #beautyblogger. Sometimes, though, close alternatives are still okay. In this case, #beautybloggers, with an “s” on the end, is not banned and works just fine.

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