How to target YOUR ideal client.

As a business or influencer, it’s absolutely essential that you ensure you’re putting business objectives at the heart of any social media content you’re posting. When you launched your business/service (and blogs are content services in essence) it was in response to a need in the market – you are servicing people who had a … Continue reading How to target YOUR ideal client.

Why Social Media is important during uncertain times

Whilst you may be cutting other costs and some of you may have resorted to managing your Social Media channels yourselves, we highly recommend dedicating some time to your social media strategy in order to take advantage of the fact that due to Covid, more people are online and your social media channels are effectively … Continue reading Why Social Media is important during uncertain times

Introducing Binny and Emma

Background: As experienced Social Media Managers ourselves, we launched The Social Media Tini to help small businesses and influencers to really supercharge their social media channels during these turbulent times. A little about Emma: “Kia ora, I’m Emma – the antipodean half of the Social Media-tini. As a social media freelancer I’ve been running my … Continue reading Introducing Binny and Emma