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Media Kits Masterclass

An Interactive Workshop | Tuesday 9 March 8pm

Are you looking to monetise your Blog/Instagram and be taken more seriously by brands and PR agencies?
In this 1-hour workshop you will learn how to best present and pitch yourself to brands and businesses in a meaningful and professional way through a Media Kit so that you can secure opportunities to get on the radar for dream collaborations and brand partnerships.
It’s common for brands to request a media kit from an influencer they want to work with, so not having one can actually lead to you missing out on partnerships and revenue.

About this Event

A media kit is your blog’s resume – the document you send potential brands and PR agencies so they can assess your suitability for collaborations and partnerships. You want to make sure your blog truly shines and shows your worth in your media kit.

During the Media Kit workshop, we’ll go through all the information that should be included in a standard media kit and what additional information will set you apart from the existing sea of media kits!

Both of us work with influencers on an outreach basis on behalf of our clients and so we have first hand experience on what matters when it comes to choosing the influencers we want to work with.

We are both also experienced influencers ourselves with over six years experience each so we understand both sides fully!

What can I expect from the event?

You will learn:

  • Why it’s important to have a media kit
  • What to include in your media kit and where to find this information
  • How to create a media kit that gets you noticed
  • Media kit etiquette, including when to send it and who to send it to
  • How to draft a pitching template to professionally approach brands with


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